Lately, I’ve received lovely inquiries concerning which apps I use to edit my photographs/videos & how I ensure that they adhere to a synchronized layout. Below, I outline my step-by-step process alongside some of the benefits that each (free) app offers!

PSA: this post is not sponsored (lol), it really is just to give you that behind the scenes (tedious af) insight to how I get my feed to what it is (thank me later 😉😂 HAHAHA).


LOL, everyone who uses the gram knows the infamous hashtag: #vscogood. I am guilty of using this app to edit my photographs to ensure that they have similar tones. What’s good about this app is that you have the freedom to mess around (or mess up hahahahah) the exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. of your photograph.

You can even crop AND straighten your work while you edit! Recently (I don’t know HOW recently, but based on observation🙃) the creators included “skew” allowing you to adjust your photograph according to the X and/or Y axis…v interesting & can be useful, so long as you don’t overdo it (as it can make the proportions look uncanny)😝.

If you’re like me, or like to play it safe, you’ll return to what you know is good because it works for you. 🐸☕️LOL K, CHILLLL FAM. I’m talkin’ ‘bout using the same filter and, almost always, the same amount of changes under each setting.😂😭To help make life easier, VSCO has added a “recipe” feature where you can save your edits & simply apply them to future photos in the click of a button (or tap of the screen icon). Oh, they fancy huh?☝️

2. Pic Collage

The name of the app, self-explanatory. I use this one to create a background for my photographs. While the app offers a “grids” section where you can make an actual collage out of your own photographs, I use the “freestyle” tab. Here, you literally have the freedom to use any background you choose & add, edit, crop, scale, whatever you please!

Once you have completed, on the home page you will observe a “my collages” icon @ the bottom left of your screen that contains all of your projects. This is incredibly convenient, as you can return to a piece & make slight (or major) changes if necessary!🙏✨

3. InShot

Ok, Ok. So, This is my newest app that I am still navigating around. With all of these viral challenges coming out, I needed a video editing app that doesn’t automatically crop my videos like iMovie does when I’m using it on my phone. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this app does A WHOLE LOT MORE than trim clips…LET👏ME👏TELL👏YOU👏.

So, the video editing section is dope because you can dub it with music (either from your library or by recording a lil sumn sumn). You can choose what size you want your piece to be (no, sexual innuendos are DEFINITELY NOT intended😒) ranging from the square on the gram, to the 5.5" screen display that iPhone 6s’ have. BUT THAT ISN’T ALL (lol, k now I’m sounding like an infomercial…)!🤦‍♀️You can choose what size you want your video/photograph to be ON your piece (I should probably find a more suitable word, but you get it)!🙄

For those of you asking who this yute is, I gotchu: https://www.instagram.com/russvilela 😏& yes, he ain’t mine so he can be yours for the taking🤗HAHAHAH.

For those of you asking how I get a photo to appear on my post as my cover for my video, I simply attach a selected (aesthetic, duh) picture AS A STICKER.😳Yeah…plot twistazz! LOL. Note: for sticker, text, & audio attachments, you can choose the length of each over the duration of the video. V clutch.

Alright, before I make this a mini essay, the final feature that I abuse is titled “filter.”😂On this tab, there is an “effect” section that allows you to flip, mirror, or (my all-time favourite) glitch your video/photograph.😍Honestly, I could go on & on about this app (huge fan, srsly) sooo if you actually want a play-by-play piece (LOL) solely on this app, let the kid know!🔌


Jocelynne was the beautiful soul that recommended this app to me; ever since then, I have been using it RELIGIOUSLY.😩After linking your account to this app, you’ll be able to access a number of features that will greatly assist with your layout (especially with regards to aesthetics)! Aside from loading all of your account’s posts, UNUM provides grids where you can upload photographs/videos that you plan on sharing in the future!👀

Here, I have selected two photographs that have yet to be posted; by tapping on the opposing arrows at the bottom of the screen, the highlighted posts will swap with one another! Fun fact: you can highlight an empty grid & the same effect still applies.☺️

At the bottom of the screen, you will also notice a trash can. By clicking this icon, future posts will be deleted, freeing up grid space!🤫

One of the main features that I use is shown at the bottom right of the screenshot above: the grid with an eye(¿lol) crossed out of it. By tapping this icon, you will be able to temporarily hide posts that are ALREADY on your profile. With the whole “3 posts per line” rule on the gram, this feature saves lives…

Tip: use this in conjunction with the swivelling arrow (also found on the task bar at the bottom)! The arrow shifts all of the posts over once to the right. Truss mi daddi. This SAVES LIVES when it comes to aligning & setting that row of 3.

Some additional features this app offers (that I should, but don’t, take advantage of) include: best times (pree the screenshot below), a graph illustrating the number of likes/comments from your last 12 posts, and insights about your hashtags/followers (for premium users)/top post.🤷‍♀️

Unfortunately, Sean has informed me that this app is only available on the app store.😔Seeing as I have yet to find an alternative for android users, if you use an android & are familiar with an app that serves the same function(s), please DO let me know!💕

& that’s that. Now that you know the process behind cheska’s gram, go download the apps discussed (or don’t? lol, I won’t be mad…I don’t get commission anyways😂💀)! If you do, share your thoughts & tag/dm me! If you have any hidden gems that you strongly support, I’d love to expand my horizon. As always, hit those dm’s with love because I will definitely show you some love back!😘



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